Chatty B.C. toddler on skis an international media sensation

A microphone placed on a skiing toddler has proven to be internet gold.

Online videos of two-year-old Adia Leidums show the toddler coaching herself as she skis down the slopes in Fernie, B.C.

“Walk like a duck,” she says when she hits an incline.

“Go around you,” she tells the trees as she passes by.

Her chatty descents down the mountain were documented by her parents and placed on their “That Mountain Life” YouTube and Instagram pages.

Not only have the videos suddenly received thousands of views; Adia was recently featured on CNN.

“It’s kind of overwhelming,” said the toddler’s mother, Courtney Haeusler.

They are modest parents, but understandably proud.

“She’s adorable. It’s cute as anything,” said her dad, Erich Leidums. “It steals my heart for sure.”

Like her two older brothers, Adia was put on skis early. She is already doing little jumps, while her parents keep a watchful eye.

“We’re biased, but we think our kids are amazing, of course,” said Haeusler with a smile.

Adia will be three at the end of March, and she already skis much better than the author of this article. 

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