COVID-19 in Sask.: 5 new deaths, highest 1-day total for vaccine delivery

Public health officials recorded Saskatchewan’s highest one-day total for COVID-19 vaccine delivery Friday, administering 5,211 doses — mostly in the central east region, where 1,202 shots were given.

The latest totals came in the province’s Saturday COVID-19 update, which also reported 162 new cases and five more deaths from the illness in the province.

The northwest zone had the second-highest number of vaccinations on Friday at 918, followed by the north central region at 869.

Other Friday vaccination totals by zone:

  • Southwest: 676.
  • Southeast: 570.
  • West central: 403.
  • Regina: 286.
  • Saskatoon: 254.
  • Northwest: 33.

As of Saturday, 75,501 COVID-19 shots have been administered across the province.

The Saskatoon zone has so far given out the most vaccines at 14,920 — 6,765 of that number includes second doses. The Regina region trailed behind at 12,833 total doses administered, with 5,756 being second shots. The north central region, which covers Prince Albert, has given out the third most vaccines with 9,839 — 4,300 being second doses.

The far north central zone, which includes Uranium City, Fond du Lac and Stony Rapids, had the fewest number of doses administered.

The southwest, which just received its first shipment of vaccines earlier this week, was the only region across the province on Saturday not to have a second dose recorded.

As of Saturday, 75,501 COVID-19 shots were administered across Saskatchewan. The Saskatoon zone has so far given out the most vaccines at 14,920 — 6,765 being second doses. (Government of Saskatchewan)

Regina has highest jump in new cases

All of five latest COVID-19-related deaths Saturday involved people in their 80s; three from the Regina zone, and one each in the Saskatoon and southeast regions.

The Regina zone reported 52 new cases, bringing that region’s active case total to 488 on Saturday.

Other Saturday case totals by zone:

  • Far northwest: 27.
  • Saskatoon: 23.
  • East central: 18.
  • Northwest: 13.
  • Northeast: nine.
  • South central: seven.
  • Far northeast: five.
  • North central: three.
  • Southeast: one.

Residence information is pending for four other cases.

Nine cases previously classified as “pending residence information” were assigned to the Regina, north central, south central, far northeast and northwest zones.

As of Saturday, there are 1,548 active COVID-19 cases in Saskatchewan, and 151 people in hospital — 16 of them under intensive care. (Government of Saskatchewan)

As of Saturday, 1,548 COVID-19 cases are considered active across Saskatchewan.

There are 151 people in hospital, with 16 people in intensive care — nine in Saskatoon, six in Regina and one in the northwest zone.

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