Bright meteor shower seen in parts of Canada on February 22

A short but bright comet shower appeared over parts of Alberta and Saskatoon in Canada at around 6:30 am on February 22, as reported by Many residents managed to take pictures and videos of the metro shower. Read on to find out more about this Calgary meteor shower. 

Calgary Meteor Shower 

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Many security cameras of residents in Calgary and Saskatoon also managed to capture this brilliant meteor shower. Some videos posted on Twitter showed a large ball of light travelling very fast, lighting up the whole sky and leaving a long streak in its wake. Some people also caught glimpses of the meteor. The people who got a look at the meteor shower reported that they saw bright red, green and yellow lights. The next meteor shower will take place between April 19 to May 20 in 2021.

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Will the Meteor hit Earth? Where did the Calgary Meteor Go?

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So basically, what happened is the outside of any large meteor heats up when it enters the atmosphere and burns up brightly. As a general rule, the brighter the meteor, the bigger it is. Upon entering, larger meteors usually break up into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces usually completely burn up but if larger pieces can often be found on the ground. Scientists at Alberta University are spending their time looking at footage of the meteor taken at different locations to triangulate the landing location so as to find the remains of the meteor.

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What are Meteor Showers and what causes them?

Meteor showers happen when Earth in its orbit passes through leftover debris from the comets that have broken up. While the earth’s orbit around the sun if pretty much fixed, comets have an elliptical orbit and often end up very close to the earth’s orbit or enter the atmosphere. The inside of a comet is made up of icy materials and loosely attached rocks. When comets come into the earth’s atmosphere they break up into tiny pieces due to friction and heat and that’s what causes the bright meteor show. The debris completely burns up in the atmosphere if it’s small or lands on the surface of the Earth if the size of the meteor is large enough. 

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