‘FREAKIEST OF FREAK ACCIDENTS’: Man killed preparing gender reveal

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A New York father-to-be died last weekend while trying to build a machine for a gender reveal.

State police said the machine exploded while Christopher Pekny, 28, was building it around noon on Sunday in the town of Liberty.

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His 27-year-old brother, Michael, was also injured in the explosion.

“The freakiest of freak accidents that I could ever imagine,” 34-year-old Michael Pekny told the New York Times.

The family owns Robin Hood Diner in the Catskills and the brothers were really close, Michael said. He said they had experience constructing things and Christopher was also a mechanic.

“He was really looking forward to starting a family,” Michael Pekny said. “He was really starting to settle down and grow up.”

Gender reveal parties have become increasingly extravagant in recent years and have led to some tragedies, as well as humorous viral “fail” moments where no one is harmed.

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